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Coffee has become a commodity. On every corner is yet another coffee shop, selling yet another sugary flavored something. We want to bring you an authentic experience of how coffee should be enjoyed. At the Rue Cafe on 14th Street, enjoy the elements of the traditional Ethiopian coffee experience. Whether you need a place to grab a quick breakfast or lunch, study or work with free wi-fi, or hang out with friends, the Rue welcomes you!

3906 14TH ST NW WASHINGTON, DC 20011

Bringing Together


Flavors from the Ethiopian highlands

Our coffee beans are sourced from various regions in the Ethiopian highlands. For a cup inviting chocolate, smokey, and dry wine flavors, try our beans sourced from the eastern region of Harar. For a more sweet, floral, and citrus cup, try our beans sourced from the south-central region of Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe.

Culture, history, and community – our mission is to bring these elements of the Ethiopian coffee tradition to 14th St and to share with the diverse communities in the Columbia Heights neighborhood.

Access Free Wi-Fi
We offer many outlets. Feel free to bring your laptop to study or work from the Rue Cafe.
Hang out with your friends and family or bring your date! The Rue Cafe offers a casual vibe and streams Jazz music
Enjoy Coffee & Tea
We offer Ethiopian brewed coffee and a variety of espresso drinks and tea options!
Dine In or Take Out
Enjoy our breakfast toasts and sliders, grab a to-go breakfast or dine in for lunch and dinner.


Lunch & Dinner

enjoy great coffee and food

Find Us

3906 14TH ST NW WASHINGTON, DC 20011

Delivery Options

Unable to visit? We will be offering UberEats and DoorDash deliveries soon so that you can still enjoy Ethiopian coffees and delicious food prepared by our friendly staff.

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